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I am currently focusing on the Mac / iOS Platforms


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MAC APP Meta OS X 10.7+

Meta is an advanced audio metadata (tags) editor.
While some people leave their music library to be managed by iTunes, some want more control over their files.

Editing metadata was thought to be as effortless and transparent as possible. Special attention has been accorded to artwork editing:
You can configure to crop, resize and compress inserted images automatically, thus keeping the file size imprint low.


MAC APP Juno Editor OS X 10.7+

Preset Editor & Library for the Roland Juno 106 Synthesizer

Save, organize and edit presets via a simple MIDI connection. Presets can be created from scratch, received from the synthesizer, or imported from jarvik7's Juno-106 Librarian.

Features keyboard playback, undo support, safe lock editing, quick search, and retina display support.


iPHONE APP Tap / Tempo iOS 4.3 and up

A simple but effective music producer tool to measure a song's BPM. Features a built in metronome, complete with its time signature editor.

By swiping the bright LCD display, you can adjust the tempo value, this can be handy if the metronome goes out of sync while playing along to a song. Also, double-tapping the LCD will cause the BPM value to be rounded off.